Which is which?

Once upon a time, this happened on my FB newsfeed:


Two different posts from two unrelated (well, I’m their mutual friend if you’re going to be strict about it) individuals. What are the odds of this showing up? Is there a particular algorithm designed to highlight “similar” status posts?

Heart of the matter though, are you A or B?

PS. Send me a PM if you are the author of either FB posts shown above. 🙂


Then. Now.

Because it’s Thursday. Obligatory #throwback post.


Left: Third-year college. Pic taken in front of UP Baguio’s Fine Arts Building. Year 2001. Paint on my bag’s strap. Long hair. 50-peso red Mickey Mouse shirt from ukay-ukay.

Right: Photo taken by Neil Kenneth Sael during Brisom’s photoshoot. Location, BGC. 2015.



Uncle Rudy has scratches all over. That’s alright. This morning however, he had his first real injury. wasak

Funny though, this happened while Uncle Rudy was just sitting comfortably at the side of the road. A motorcycle rammed into it. A motorcycle piloted by my brother-in-law, no less.


Buhay foodtrip. Buhay. Foodtrip.

Tadhana nga naman, mapagbiro. Ikaw ang nasumpungang naghihintay sa hapag-kainan. Dinner at last night’s gig.


In fairness, Chicken McDO has a taste of its own. It’s delicious in its own right. You just have to learn to love it for what it is and not look at it for what it is not–which is pretty much how life works.

PS. It’s definitely not Jollibee Chickenjoy. And to say that this (Chicken Mcdo) tasty heap of breaded poultry meat will do in the absence of the other is plain unfair. —> Me to self.

PPS. Pagkain yan, wag ka ngang choosy. Blessing from heaven. K? Thnx, bye!