Miss na kita.

Ilang araw na yata ako nag-c-crave ng Beef Rendang ng Zili. Huling punta ko dun nitong nakaraang Sabado lang. Around 1AM yata yun nung dumating ako.  Kaso ubos na daw yung Beef Rendang. Understandable. Isa sa best seller nila yun. Pero may konting kirot pa rin akong naramdaman. :(((

Sakto pa man din na lumabas yung article ko sa ShoppersGuide.com nitong week yata. Sumulat ako ng isang feature tungkol sa Zili Asian Fusion Restaurant (or Zili) nila Papa Jomal and Mommy Reyg Linao. Ayun, nakita ko yung mga pictures, lalo ko tuloy hinanap-hanap. Waaaah. Di naman ako makaalis dahil sa nangyari kay Uncle Rudy (see older post Ouch).


Sorry na at panget ang camera ng phone ko. Pero pramis, sobrang sarap ng Beef Rendang nila! (Naglalaway na naman tuloy ako.) Tatlong oras pinalambot to sa gata at secret spices! (Punas laway).

Anyhoo, eto pala yung article na sinasabi ko. Check the link hehe: Zili’s Nasi Goreng Kampung and Other Flavorful Offerings

And yes, hindi lang yung Beef Rendang nila ang panalo dun. Nasi Goreng Kampung, Nasi Lemak. Grrrrrrr. Teka nga’t makapag-hapunan muna.



Feels for days now: Hot soup, pakbet, at konting pagmamahal.

On the plus side: Life goal unlocked. One I’ve been wanting to achieve before my birthday this year. And I did.

Ganun daw talaga. You lose some, you get some. Or vice-versa.


Because Batangas Lomi

One time, after a Brisom rehearsal, Jeff, Terence, and I decided to eat out since it was already around 9PM and we’re famished. Jeff was telling me about this new food stop he once visited at Visayas Ave. Everyone knows it’s risky to try to eat at an unfamiliar place when you’re just plain hungry. But I know Jeff well enough. He won’t go back to a place if he weren’t satisfied in the first place. At the same time he knows what I want when I’m hungry. So we went.

We shelled out just a little over 200 pesos. Around 220Php if I remember correctly. A pretty good deal if you ask me! Andy’s Famous Batangas Lomi and Bulalo is just a few months old. They’re open until 11PM and is located a few walks away from Sangkalan.

I’d give Andy’s a 9/10 for taste and authenticity of its gotong Batangas and bulalo.


March 2015

It has been a more than year since Brisom played in Singapore. Needless to say, it’s one of the best experiences I have not only with the band but also as a musician; one of the many highlights, if you will, of my stint as a bassist. Dumping photos here of our stay at the beautiful city-state since it deserves a post of its own in this blog. Plus, it’s also important, and wonderful, to remember things such as this.

PS. Pardon. Some pics are blurry. No thanks to my phone. 😀 Some are from Brian’s GoPro.

The pics above were taken during our first two nights.



Kaway-kaway Galing Paoay

Sabi nga mismo ni Chino (guy in glasses/Silent Sanctuary’s violinist in case di nyo pa alam) sa posts niya na ito sa Instagram, DEJA VU!

(Pic on the left) Silent Sanctuary last Feb 5 on our way to Vigan for Ilocos Sur’s Kannawidan Festival. (Right) Three days after, we went to Paoay for the Guling-Guling Festival.

Below is what transpired on our recent Ilocos Norte roadtrip.











Exactly Two Years Ago

In February 2014, my mates from Brisom played in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Fast forward to Feb of this year, I returned to this beautiful city, this time, with Silent Sanctuary. I’m still amazed at how being in a band brings me to different places. (If it weren’t for a gig in Legazpi, Albay, I wouldn’t have dreamed of seeing the majestic Mayon Volcano. Pramis.)