Leaving This Here



Because in some instances, kindness trumps knowledge. Photo grabbed from a friend’s FB wall.



Keep On Running

Learned about this song from my Brisom buds Jeff and Tim. I didn’t immediately believe them when they said that the song’s title is Jason. First time to encounter a song entitled as such. You have, Aubrey, Michelle, Laura, Mandy, to name a few. But Jason? Yup, it’s a first alright. Anyhoo, I love the song! Dancy-dance-dance? Check. 80’s vibe? Check. Cool melody? Check. Meaningful lyrics? Check. Personal? BIG CHECK.


PS. First time to write in months. You’ll hear more from me gaiz. Swear!

Old School

Since we’re experiencing an 80’s retro of some sort.

I remember this guy from the 1986 movie Ninja Kids. He was one of the white ninjas in the movie together with  Herbert Bautista (now QC mayor),  the late master rapper Francis Magalona, Ramon Christopher (Ruffa Gutierrez’s brother and still active in showbiz), and singer Keno (the voice behind the song Leaving Yesterday Behind), among others. When Ninja Kids came out, they gave away a Challenge of the Gobots toy to the first hundred or so moviegoers (can’t remember exactly). This Hanna-Barbera cartoon series didn’t fare well enough against its contemporary, Hasbro’s The Transformers, though.

I also remember watching the film Kamagong via our old betamax player. JC Bonnin starred alongside Lito Lapid (Pinoy legendary action star who later became a senator in case you live in a cave. LOL)in that movie. And yes, I remember the TV show The Sharon Cuneta Show.

When I saw this old TV clip, I can’t help but be reminded of the opening song for Hekari Sentai Maskman. Both songs do evoke the feeling of heroism and bravery.

Oh, the memories!

PS: Have you seen how JC Bonnin performed the song? Who else jumps and does a split in mid-air when singing a movie theme song? And doing air guitar? I dont’ remember anyone of late performing with that much energy and conviction. No bull. More pogi points too for the coat and the pose at the end!


Salamat San Fernandinos.

Got to judge Mutya Ning San Fernando for the second time last May 23. Oh, and there’s Lakan Ning San Fernando too. This was the pre-pageant night. Headed to Boogie’s after the event. Also went to downtown San Fernando and ate at Pennilyn’s. It’s good to see old friends again. Shout out to the city’s tourism head, Ching for inviting me over once more. Saw my blockmate Em after many years. Last time we saw each other she was working for Balanga, Bataan’s toursim office where they invited Silent Sanctuary to play for their year-end event. She’s working in Pampanga now. Lastly, Kuya Wie, the ever so hospitable one. Drove me around plus he paid for dinner. Hehe.

Sana makabalik po ulit ako. 🙂 Salamat.

PS. Ibang klase talaga magluto ang mga Kapampangan. Talagang manyaman! Considering relocating here. Seriously.


Yan ang tawag sa samahang ito. Salingkitkit lang ako kung tutuusin. Pero di nila pinaramdam sakin yun. Buo na barkadahan nila nung makilala ko sila. Sila nag-aruga sakin (so to speak) nung nagturo ako sa school nila. Hanggang ngayon, lagi akong niyayaya, tinitext, tinatawagan kapag may lakad, okasyon, o kahit simpleng tambay. Nito ko na lang ulit nagawang magpakita. Pasok sa banga yung schedule ko nung araw na yun. Bukod sa kasalang PaoxGrace ito na di pede palampasin. Here’s to more years with you guys! And of course congrats sa newly-weds.