Wow! I didn’t realize how long it has been since I last came here. If I remember correctly, I started out this blog (like most people do) as a means to have an outlet of my thoughts and feelings–somewhere I can document experiences and insights.  Now, here I am again on these digital pages I’ve neglected to visit for a little over a year. Here I am scrambling to put down what transpired in the past months or more, trying hard to write as truthful as I can recollections of recent and distant events in my life and in my head.

This is a year-ender.



Which is which?

Once upon a time, this happened on my FB newsfeed:


Two different posts from two unrelated (well, I’m their mutual friend if you’re going to be strict about it) individuals. What are the odds of this showing up? Is there a particular algorithm designed to highlight “similar” status posts?

Heart of the matter though, are you A or B?

PS. Send me a PM if you are the author of either FB posts shown above. 🙂

Old Soul?

Not a fan of listicles. Chanced upon one on my FB feed. What baited (LOL) me into clicking the link is, you guessed it right, the word (or number) 12.

12 Reasons Why Old Souls Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love 

The ones that stuck with me more than the others are, open quote:

2. Left unchecked, their hyper-intuitiveness can wreck relationships.

Often prone to overthinking because of how deeply sensitive they are, their capacity to worry and make assumptions can break relationships…

*Baka naman balat-sibuyas lang. Pinaganda pa e. May ‘deeply sensitive pang nalalaman’. Pero agree ako sa overthinking.


4. They often have a greater purpose that must be attended to first – one that love would distract them from.

They usually have to accomplish quite a bit on their own before they find love – this is because old souls love deeply, and completely. To be given love too soon would keep them from the other important things they are here to do.

*Pero bakit parang wala pa ring na-accomplish?

 5. They will not settle for anything less than soulmate love.

They require a lot more than just a surface-level, “average” relationship. They absolutely will not settle, and sometimes, that means biting the bullet and being alone for longer than what’s “average” as well.

*Pero bakit kaya napapatanong ako ng: ‘Willing ba sila mag-settle sakin?’


11. They have baggage.

People who developed their inner selves quickly did so for a reason: they had to cope, they had to grow, or they had to learn from some challenging experiences that life set up for them. While this is a great thing on its own, unresolved issues can often re-manifest in close relationships.

*Pwede rin namang hindi i-sugarcoat e. Hindi naka-cope. Hindi nakapag-grow. Hindi natuto. Hence, maraming baggage.

12. They feel fear as intensely as they feel love.

The degree to which they love something is proportionate to how much they fear losing it, or not being “good enough” for it. They don’t just love intensely, they feel everything else intensely, too, and sometimes, that gets in the way of the really good things in front of them.”

*Lagi ko nga naiisip na, yung greatest happiness can be the greatest source of heartache.

Close quote.

Akong-ako nga yata tong mga nabanggit na sinali ko dito na galing sa listicle. Yung mga after ng asterisk that’s me thinking out loud, talking to myself, commenting. Either sa mga naunang nabanggit or all of the above.

Miss na kita.

Ilang araw na yata ako nag-c-crave ng Beef Rendang ng Zili. Huling punta ko dun nitong nakaraang Sabado lang. Around 1AM yata yun nung dumating ako.  Kaso ubos na daw yung Beef Rendang. Understandable. Isa sa best seller nila yun. Pero may konting kirot pa rin akong naramdaman. :(((

Sakto pa man din na lumabas yung article ko sa nitong week yata. Sumulat ako ng isang feature tungkol sa Zili Asian Fusion Restaurant (or Zili) nila Papa Jomal and Mommy Reyg Linao. Ayun, nakita ko yung mga pictures, lalo ko tuloy hinanap-hanap. Waaaah. Di naman ako makaalis dahil sa nangyari kay Uncle Rudy (see older post Ouch).


Sorry na at panget ang camera ng phone ko. Pero pramis, sobrang sarap ng Beef Rendang nila! (Naglalaway na naman tuloy ako.) Tatlong oras pinalambot to sa gata at secret spices! (Punas laway).

Anyhoo, eto pala yung article na sinasabi ko. Check the link hehe: Zili’s Nasi Goreng Kampung and Other Flavorful Offerings

And yes, hindi lang yung Beef Rendang nila ang panalo dun. Nasi Goreng Kampung, Nasi Lemak. Grrrrrrr. Teka nga’t makapag-hapunan muna.

On Recent Throwback

  1. How do we get from one frame of our life to the next?  What sort of trivial or essential affairs come between points A and B, with point B being another version of you?
  2. Plus, as they say, when you don’t know where you’re going, don’t forget to look back and know where you came from. Retrace your steps.
  3. Aside from helping you in finding your way ahead, it also allows us to reassess and/or confirm goals, values, and beliefs. More than the “Where to?” we could get some clues on the “How do I conduct things from now on?”

Then. Now.

Because it’s Thursday. Obligatory #throwback post.


Left: Third-year college. Pic taken in front of UP Baguio’s Fine Arts Building. Year 2001. Paint on my bag’s strap. Long hair. 50-peso red Mickey Mouse shirt from ukay-ukay.

Right: Photo taken by Neil Kenneth Sael during Brisom’s photoshoot. Location, BGC. 2015.



Uncle Rudy has scratches all over. That’s alright. This morning however, he had his first real injury. wasak

Funny though, this happened while Uncle Rudy was just sitting comfortably at the side of the road. A motorcycle rammed into it. A motorcycle piloted by my brother-in-law, no less.

Keep On Running

Learned about this song from my Brisom buds Jeff and Tim. I didn’t immediately believe them when they said that the song’s title is Jason. First time to encounter a song entitled as such. You have, Aubrey, Michelle, Laura, Mandy, to name a few. But Jason? Yup, it’s a first alright. Anyhoo, I love the song! Dancy-dance-dance? Check. 80’s vibe? Check. Cool melody? Check. Meaningful lyrics? Check. Personal? BIG CHECK.


PS. First time to write in months. You’ll hear more from me gaiz. Swear!

Old School

Since we’re experiencing an 80’s retro of some sort.

I remember this guy from the 1986 movie Ninja Kids. He was one of the white ninjas in the movie together with  Herbert Bautista (now QC mayor),  the late master rapper Francis Magalona, Ramon Christopher (Ruffa Gutierrez’s brother and still active in showbiz), and singer Keno (the voice behind the song Leaving Yesterday Behind), among others. When Ninja Kids came out, they gave away a Challenge of the Gobots toy to the first hundred or so moviegoers (can’t remember exactly). This Hanna-Barbera cartoon series didn’t fare well enough against its contemporary, Hasbro’s The Transformers, though.

I also remember watching the film Kamagong via our old betamax player. JC Bonnin starred alongside Lito Lapid (Pinoy legendary action star who later became a senator in case you live in a cave. LOL)in that movie. And yes, I remember the TV show The Sharon Cuneta Show.

When I saw this old TV clip, I can’t help but be reminded of the opening song for Hekari Sentai Maskman. Both songs do evoke the feeling of heroism and bravery.

Oh, the memories!

PS: Have you seen how JC Bonnin performed the song? Who else jumps and does a split in mid-air when singing a movie theme song? And doing air guitar? I dont’ remember anyone of late performing with that much energy and conviction. No bull. More pogi points too for the coat and the pose at the end!